Dental Implants

Dr Robert Stone has 15 years of experience of dental implants and implantology and other dentist often refer complex cases to him. He also highly experienced at undertaking any necessary bone or gum augmentation and assessing bone height in relation to sinuses area.

Dental implants are now seen as a routine, predictable procedure and it is achieved through a surgical and restorative stage. Dental implants provide an excellent alternative to the more conventional dentures and bridgework. They are used to replace one or more missing teeth and have the advantage of leaving any adjacent teeth unaffected and healthy.

Within the process a cylinder of titanium is placed in the position of the lost tooth root and the implant can support a new crown or replace multiple teeth. It can be used for back or front teeth and can enhance appearance and smile.

A special consultation on Dental Implants will be undertaken to assess your options and viability. Dr Stone will be sure to answer any questions you may have and advise you of the best course of treatment. You can have the option for sedation or conscious sedation, but the majority of Dr Stone’s patients find they don’t need this. A full treatment plan and costs will be provided before treatment goes ahead.

“I was previously told that I needed three to four implants but after a full assessment with Dr Stone he advised that two implants would prove more successful in my case. This was less invasive for me and far more cost effective too. The after care I received was outstanding and his advice and his experience on pain management second to none. I can honestly say that I experienced no pain during the procedure or after.” (patient)

“My previous dentist advised me that I needed four teeth removed and four implants at considerable cost. A friend suggested I have a second opinion from Dr Stone. The consultation was in depth and after commencing with his treatment plan I have retained all of my natural teeth and didn’t need to have implants. My oral health has improved considerably and Dr Stone is now my dentist.” (patient)