Dr Stone works with some of the best dental technicians in London. Whether it’s a complex or simple reconstruction, they use the latest proven materials to ensure our patients are provided with the highest level of aesthetic quality. If it’s a single tooth restoration, a partial mouth or a full mouth restoration, the same care will be given to every patient at every stage of the process.

The practice benefits from having an excellent team of technicians on site at 29 Weymouth Street. All the other specialist technicians used by Dr Stone are local to the London practice. They also attend the patients’ appointments to ensure the best possible aesthetic outcome.

“Having the technician attend two of my appointments gave me a real sense that the best result was being achieved, both from the structural perspective but also the best colour match too. I found it extremely helpful that the technician had seen my issue first hand and how very self conscious I was. Jacques the technician was very professional and sensitive in dealing with me. I felt so encouraged when I heard Dr Stone and Jacques discuss the detail at length so as to ensure the best fit and the most natural look for me. They both exceeded my high expectations” (Patient)