Dental Practice

Dr Robert Stone provides each of his patients with individual and bespoke advice be it regular check ups or a more complex issue.

The state of the art practice offers a patient centric approach and considers the patient as a whole and not just an individual tooth. Often recommended and referred by other dentists, Dr Stone combines an advanced approach to dentistry based on a scientific evidence based approach with a high end and natural finish.

His practice benefits from the best of dental hygienists and Dr Stone uses some of the best technicians in London, including an ‘in house’ team of technicians that are based at 29 Weymouth street.

The team works together with each patient in helping them make the best choice for their particular concern or dental problem. We do this by communicating with each patient and helping them make the best choice and decide on how they wish to go forward.

The practice offers appointments throughout the week as well as emergency appointments for its patients.

To make an appointment please call 020 7580 0646.

You can also email Dr. Stone if you wish to discuss a more complex issue on

“I was referred by my dentist of over 20 years for dental implants with Dr Stone. I was so impressed with Dr Stone’s expertise, knowledge and the wonderful result. He takes the ‘whole mouth view’, which has transformed my teeth. My family were so impressed that we have all changed practices and Dr Stone is now our regular dentist ” (patient)