Dr Stone leads the team at RS Dental but undertakes all the dentistry and consultations personally. The team are all mutually supportive of one another and on hand to attend appointments if their specific expertise is required.

Your incoming calls will be dealt with the wonderful Jo who has been with Dr Stone for several years. Jo will help you with the most convenient appointment for you and she can also advise you on the length of appointment. Please call Jo on 020 7580 0646 to make your appointment.

Lisa is Dr Stone’s dental nurse who as well as being extremely experienced has a wonderful way with patients. She helps Dr Stone create your treatment plan and always follows though with calls to check up on how patients are post surgery.

“Lisa is wonderful ……she even called me on a Saturday to check how I was doing after dental surgery on the Friday. I was also given Dr Stone’s mobile number to call if I had any problems, which I didn’t” (patient)

Four dental hygienists support the practice so that there is someone available every day of the week for you. Cynthia, Sophie, Meryl, Emer and Jane are highly experienced and will be able to help you achieve the optimum results for your dental hygiene. Please see more about our dental hygienists on the preventative treatment page.

The practice has the benefit of a team of on site dental technicians, who can attend appointments to help evaluate options, make speedy adjustments or help achieve the best possible colour match. Dr Stone also uses a range of local technicians and specialists who join Dr Stone when assessing the best option.

The team is here to support our patients and to work with them to achieve optimal results by using the most effective and advanced techniques available. We encourage patients to ask questions as we believe that good oral health contributes to a patients overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

“Great emphasis is placed in ongoing professional development for all our clinical and support staff together with investment in the clinic infrastructure and equipment. This ensures that our patients can be provided with the very highest standards in traditional and cosmetic dentistry” (Dr Robert Stone)